We Have A Great City, But It Can Be Greater.

Here is what must be addressed immediately:

Job Creation

Arlington is on the verge of becoming a regional economic powerhouse. When Arlington aims higher, we will merge our current economic development in the entertainment district with expansion into hi-tech and renewable energy sectors. Creating higher paying jobs in Arlington will benefit current residents and encourage our university graduates to make their homes in our city.

Stop the Rising Water Bills

All across our city, water bills are rapidly rising.  We must identify the contributing factors and work to address the root cause.  Arlington must shoulder the responsibility of curbing utility hikes, particularly for those living on fixed incomes.

Community Policing

At one time, Arlington’s model of community policing was the envy of the region. It’s time we returned to this model of engagement as a means of increasing the security of our officers on the beat and reducing instances of citizen confrontation. Expanding our network of crime watch groups strengthens communities and the safety of our families.